Andrew Bett is founder and CEO of the Company, managing the research and development of the Smoltscreen™ project. His background is 32 years in the paper packaging industry with experience in lightweight packaging materials, both fibre and polyethylene based, and in fibre-based filtration media (including glass fibre). Two years of zoology studies as part of an MA Honours degree at St Andrews University has informed on entomology and the knowledge of marine copepods (L.salmonis and C.rogercresseyi are marine copepod sea lice). Andrew has brought to commercial success three different packaging paper innovations while working with the global paper packaging company, Mondi plc.



Colette Bett is co-founder of the Company, Financial and Media Marketing Director, simultaneously managing the publication and media presentation of the Smoltscreen™ project. Her business experience is in advertising agency production following a career as a Producer for leading advertising agencies, including Leagas Delaney and Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Recent experience in social media marketing led to a diploma from the Digital Marketing Institute.